Till To-Morrow.

Category: Poetry
Good night! good night! - the golden day
Has veiled its sunset beam,
And twilight's star its beauteous ray
Has mirrored in the stream; -
Low voices come from vale and height,
And murmur soft, good night! good night!

Good night! - the bee with folded wings
Sleeps sweet in honeyed flowers,
And far away the night-bird sings
In dreamy forest bowers,
And slowly fades the western light
In deepening shade, - good night! good night!

Good night! good night! - in whispers low
The ling'ring zephyr sighs,
And softly, in its dreamy flow,
The murm'ring brook replies;
And, where yon casement still is bright,
A softer voice has breathed good-night!

Good night! - as steals the cooling dew
Where the young violet lies,
E'en so may slumber steal anew
To weary human eyes,
And softly steep the aching sight
In dewy rest - good night! good night!

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