Spring Morning

Category: Poetry
Ah, through the open door
Is there an almond tree
Aflame with blossom!
- Let us fight no more.

Among the pink and blue
Of the sky and the almond flowers
A sparrow flutters.
- We have come through,

It is really spring! - See,
When he thinks himself alone
How he bullies the flowers.
- Ah, you and me

How happy we'll be! - See him
He clouts the tufts of flowers
In his impudence.
- But, did you dream

It would be so bitter? Never mind
It is finished, the spring is here.
And we're going to be summer-happy
And summer-kind.

We have died, we have slain and been slain,
We are not our old selves any more.
I feel new and eager
To start again.

It is gorgeous to live and forget.
And to feel quite new.
See the bird in the flowers? - he's making
A rare to-do!

He thinks the whole blue sky
Is much less than the bit of blue egg
He's got in his nest - we'll be happy
You and I, I and you.

With nothing to fight any more -
In each other, at least.
See, how gorgeous the world is
Outside the door!


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