A Change O' Deils

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"A change o' deils is lichtsome." -
Scots Proverb.

My Grannie spent a merry youth,
She niver wantit for a joe,
An gin she tell't me aye the truth,
Richt little was't she kent na o'.

An' whiles afore she gae'd awa'
To bed her doon below the grass,
Says she, "Guidmen I've kistit[1] twa,
But a change o' deils is lichtsome, lass!"

Sae dinna think to maister me,
For Scotland's fu' o' brawlike chiels,
And aiblins[2] ither folk ye'll see
Are fine an' pleased to change their deils.

Aye, set yer bonnet on yer heid,
An' cock it up upon yer bree,
O' a' yer tricks ye'll hae some need
Afore ye get the best o' me!

Sma' wark to fill yer place I'd hae,
I'll seek a sweethe'rt i' the toon,
Or cast my he'rt across the Spey
An' tak' some pridefu' Hieland loon.

I ken a man has hoose an' land,
His airm is stoot, his een are blue,
A ring o' gowd is on his hand,
An' he's a bonnier man nor you!

But hoose an' gear an' land an' mair,
He'd gie them a' to get the preen
That preened the flowers in till my hair
Beside the may-bush yestre'en.

Jist tak' you tent, an' mind forbye,
The braw guid sense my Grannie had,
My Grannie's dochter's bairn am I,
And a change o' deils is lichtsome, lad!

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