If only there was a will

Category: Poetry

If I was a swallow,
If I made noise with wings,
At the hour when the dawn flashes
And the Chulpan-star rises,
My home, my land,
I would fly to you,
As soon as the dawn sheds light.


If I was a goldfish,
At the hour of high wave
When the white river seethes,
Flooding the shores,
My thin-hipped,
Believe me, I would swim to you,
As soon as the mist comes down in the meadows.


If I was a fast horse,
At the hour when as a living fire
The dew in the grass shines,
The mane is streaming in the wind.
My daughter, my star,
I would run to you,
As soon as the night breathes with flowers.


No, I only care for freedom.
If only there was a will -
I would take a sabre in my hands,
I would take my faithful carbine.
My dearly loved land, you
I would protect, lovingly.
And fall in the glorious battlel